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Unsure who is running where?

Posted: April 19, 2010 by datechguy in elections

No Sheeples Here is on it.

If you read this blog at all you know that I consider Byron York one of the finest reporters in the United States. I was very flattered that he gave me a few minutes of his time at the Tea Party Express Rally.

His latest is here.

I was even more flattered that he had heard of me. Very nice guy.

…bringing up everything I eat and drink, and doing a fair impersonation of a confederate soldier with his favorite disease. (After all it’s confederate history month).

Believe it or not my wife is even worse shape (different but worse) so regular posting will resume when it no longer hurts to look at the screen.

Meanwhile let me give you the video of the cab driver that both Barbara and I commented on this weekend. If the tea party people are wise they will have him speak.

This man is amazing.

The Four Wise men

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They came from two different continents and four different countries. One had fled war, another left as a wall fell, and two of them via the visa lottery simply to make a better life for themselves.

The first was born in the old soviet union in the early 60’s and came to the country after the fall of the wall. He went to school and worked hard finally finding himself wearing a ranger’s badge on the Boston Common. He talked about saving his money and educating his children and the appreciation of life in America. He didn’t always agree with his adopted country but it made a better life for him and his family

The second came from Ghana. Driving an overnight shift he talked about how he was able to support his family and make a life for his kids. He drove long hours but felt the rewards and the possibilities were great as long as his children took the time to take advantage of them and stayed true to God.

The driver from Eritrea

The third came from Eritrea, he talked about coming here in 1992 and his wife following the next year. He was amazed at all that was possible in America. Two of his four children were in college and two more were growing up. He spoke with amazement at all that was possible for him and his family.

The fourth came from Ethiopia and eloquently told of his life, His two children were grown now one married and one not. He talked of the 16 hour days he worked both driving cab and in a small variety store he ran. He expressed his disgust as he

An amazing man from Ethiopia

would see people spend hundreds of dollars a week on lottery ticket machines daily just outside his place only to come inside and pay for staples with Food stamps.

Their stories all wound through different path that led to America but they shared so many traits, hard work, a desire to make their lives better, stressing education , responsibility and thrift to their children and simple amazement, particularly of young Americans who neither understood or appreciated the opportunity that is their birthright. They were determined that their children would know and understand the great gift granted them, to live a life in a land where they could even in bad times reach their full potential if only they were willing to do it.

They had one other thing in common. All of them expressed support for the tea party movement. None of them marched or held a sign or rallied, but their pursuit of the American Dream taught them those same values that millions were marching for. Every man and woman who spoke at a rally would have heard and approved of their stories, the details were different but the ending was the same. Their story is the story of America at its best.