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…Katherine Jenerette picks an endorsement from Warriors for Congress. And these people are picky:

Warriors for Congress will help a select group of Congressional candidates who have served honorably with the U.S. Armed Forces. These candidates have sworn to protect the Constitution from enemies foreign and domestic, and they must act on that oath and uphold it. They must understand that the Constitution is the basis for the free society in the United States in which citizens have the God-given rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Warriors for Congress will vet candidates, interview them, and ensure that they want to stop deficit spending; refuse to increase the weight of the government on our citizens; stand ready to protect American citizens and America’s security anywhere in the world; fight tax increases, refuse to vote for or enact any law that does not also apply to Congressional members; and understand explicitly that, if elected, they work for the citizens, not the other way around.

There are only eight candidates they are endorsing nationally, it’s quite an honor to be one of them. In a field as crowded as this one that can make a huge difference.

…that the Sentinel and Enterprise reported on yesterday:

The petition calls for an amendment to the city zoning ordinance, to require that medical offices acquire a special permit from the City Council before opening downtown.

The City Council heard anti-abortion advocates speak in favor of the petition in March, before sending it to the Planning Board for review. Anti-abortion advocates oppose the Planned Parenthood League of Massachusetts’ plan to open an office at 391 Main St.

Why do we continue to fight so hard, maybe it’s because of this:

The counselor was told that the teen was between six and eight weeks pregnant. When asked if there is a baby, she is told that there is only “fetal matter… no arms, no legs, no heart, no head, no brains”. This is a blatant lie… according to the Planned Parenthood counselor, all of this is non-existent. All that exists is “fetal matter”.

The counselor even goes so far as to try to talk the teen out of adoption, calling all of the aborted children “burdens”. The counselor clearly was making the case that, if not for abortion, we would have millions of unwanted children, presumably with no homes. Of course, as Live Action points out in the video, there are far more couples seeking babies to adopt than children who actually get adopted.

Hot air deserves the click but you need to see the video.

One of the reasons why Planned Parenthood does so well is the light isn’t shined on them, well Casey and Lila are doing their best to end this.

Will we be successful tonight? Who know but I do know that not fighting is the best way to lose.

on a roll in New Orleans:

A Republican activist and her boyfriend were savagely beaten in New Orleans on Friday for wearing Sarah Palin pins,.

Now the question becomes will the media report on it? I’m sure they will decline, after all they don’t want to seem racist. Since they ignored a black conservative being beaten (Mr. Gladney) they don’t want to have a double standard just because one of the conservative victims this time is an attractive white woman.

Update: Michelle Reports there were no pins involved. Mea Culpa I didn’t make the call that she did.

Let me put it bluntly: If she didn’t come out loudly against Sarah Palin she would not have won this award. Period!

DaTechGuy April 12, 2010 on Kathleen Parker winning the Pulitzer Prize

If Barney Frank was a conservative, Jason Mattera would be celebrating a Pulitzer win today.

Paraphrase of Rush Limbaugh April 13, 2010, Heard by me in the car on the way home today during the first half hour of the show. Since I was not recording I put “paraphrase” in the front in case I got the exact wording wrong.

And Parker is as I tweeted this morning admitting it as well:

I suspect if I changed sides I would have a job in a second.