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My latest column for the examiner is up an excerpt:

…with the April meeting pending; organizer Justin Brooks started contacting democrats either in office or running for office. He left messages or talked to a half dozen different candidates eager to get another perspective, without success. Most office holders and candidates never got back to him, others had conflicts but when the April 26th meeting came around only a single candidate republican Mary Connaughton spoke to the 46 people assembled at the Border Grille & Bar in Leominster.

More details on the meeting are available here.

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…if they stand behind this woman:

If she belonged to a tea party group, it would be running in a loop on MSNBC forever.

Via Althouse.

Just 12 hours ago I wrote this:

The new Fiscal commission has one single purpose: To give congressional democrats political cover for the creation of a national VAT/sales tax. Even rank and file democrats aren’t going to support this, but once there is a commission then the media will make it the “responsible” decision and the lemmings who walk with the democrats and the media will do so.

Right on cue here is the Washington post describing the VAT as responsible:

The sensible real-world answer, many economists argue, is a value-added tax that would encourage saving at the same time it pays down the deficit to manageable levels. But politicians are terrified of being right too soon on this one.

As opposed to actually freezing and/or cutting government which for some reason isn’t a sensible answer.

Unfortunately for David Ignatius et/al the public see through this stuff as Rasumssan reports:

President Obama this week formally kicked off meetings of his bipartisan deficit reduction commission, but most Americans view the commission as cover for Congress to raise taxes.

I think people might have finally decided they’ve had enough and all the MSM advocacy in the world is not going to change it.

I don’t know the demographics of their customer base, but for their sake I hope it is basically liberal activists because this will not play well with conservatives:

“For the last 16 years our headquarters have remained on Long Island where we continue to sell and distribute AriZona Iced Teas and beverages,” the company said in a statement to correct what it called “misinformation” about its origins.

The only problem? The polls show people favor the Arizona law and as you might recall last time national protests on immigration came up they backfired spectacularly. In addition conservatives are energized as never before. Might be a bad time to side against them.

They might have been better off just keeping quiet, if the country is 60-40 or 70-30 on an issue do you want your customer base from the 60-70 or the 30-40?

Your choice people.