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My review of the Boxed Set of Tom Bakers return as the Doctor in Hornet’s Nest, which was long delayed by Lent is available at here.

It was worth the wait to get all five parts together and well worth the price.

Amazon has a pretty reasonable price on the set, but of course I got my copy from the friendly people at Mike’s comics.

Bill Clinton wins!

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Normally it takes a couple of generations for social disaster to take place, but combine an expanding media with the most powerful man in the world and the biggest megaphone in history and presto:

Most young adults agree penile-vaginal intercourse is sex, but less than one in five think that oral-genital contact counts as “having sex,” according to a 2007 survey of undergraduate college students.

And what pray tell could be the cause for this?

Researchers point to former President Clinton’s infamous statement, “I did not have sexual relations with that woman,” as the pivotal turning point in society’s changing views about oral sex. The attitude shift has been dubbed the “Clinton-Lewinsky” effect.

Congratulations Bill, you’ve given parents, doctors and counselors decades of work to deal with!

Across the Universe: Amazon Review

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My review of the movie Across the Universe staring Jim Sturgess and Evan Rachel Ward is available at here.

All the great music in the world can’t make a so so movie more than what it is.

at Us Magazine site:

After much debate with Dancing With the Stars producers, Pamela Anderson gave up the idea of going commando during her dance routines.

However, there is one lingering wardrobe issue.

“They continue to tell Pam that she must make her costume designs more modest, or she has to wear a bra and pasties,”

Let’s cut to the chase: Is there any chance in the world that any interested party has not seen any bit of Pam Anderson that they might be interested in seeing already?