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On Monday Night the Twin City Tea Party had its latest meeting.

This month’s meeting was was shorter and more direct. Last month over 80 people showed forcing the use of the upstairs room. This month the topography was a bit different. There was a general seating area where people who just wanted to hear the speakers had chairs set up while the serving tables remains for those (like myself) who planned on eating and drinking. It increased the capacity of the lower room considerably, however with the enthusiasm of the big rallies of Tax day behind them and with some time the crowd was smaller (46 people) but quite attentive.

Last month there were a half dozen speakers some of them rather long winded. This month it seemed the theme was “less is more” and it worked out well. A single candidate Mary Connaughton a republican running for State Auditor attended making a very good case for her candidacy based on credentials and past actions. She was considerably more effective than the gentleman who spoke on her behalf last time. If nothing else it looks like for the auditor position there is a wealth of good candidates.

Justin Brooks who has organized the local group had made it a point to reach out to several different democratic candidates to invite them to the event but received either no response or regrets due to conflicts. This is a large mistake If the democrat party concedes the economic argument to the republicans they will lose it by default.

The next subject raised was the Cap and Trade bill. John Weston destroyed his qualifications for congress by actually reading the bill. He didn’t like what he saw and neither did the audience:

Mauricio Cardozo, A Local High School student spoke next asking advice on forming a Tea Party group/club in his school was next soliciting suggestions and the crowd responded with many ideas to advance and attract young people to the cause.

One common theme after the speakers was the idea of both educating people on both the tea parties and the positions they hold. A Summit May 7th & 8th in Danvers had some potential but from the reaction of both the crowd and both new and old attendees it was the meat of the Cap and Trade bill that really moved them. This seems like the field where the next battle will be fought.

Update: Error in the title on the date, corrected.

Here is the headline from the AP:

Illegal immigrants plan to leave over Ariz. law

If I’m a conservative I would trumpet this headline in every state and every county and every newspaper, I would call up every congressman and woman and ask for comment on this result. I would bring up this law in every state legislature and let the democrats try to oppose it.

If you think the public is supporting the Arizona law now, wait till they get a load of this.

Update: The Anchoress suggests the left is trying to bait us.

Update 2:
I don’t know about memeorandum but the Lonely Conservative is always welcome here.

If this report that the GOP is thinking of going wobbley over a horse race that they hold ever single year is true. Then the GOP is paying more attention to the beltway than to their base.

I frankly suspect this is a progressive/liberal fantasy a case of the media trying to wish something true.

If there is one thing the base has learned it is not to trust comprehensive democratic bills that nobody has read. Senate Republicans would be wise to remember this.

Update: Looks like another folding like a wet blanket profile in stupidity by the GOP. Not one red cent.

Looks like one more frivolous lawsuit has bit the dust:

The ACLU went down in defeat today. The Supreme Court ruled that the Mojave Cross can stay.
(Why this had to go so far in the first place is beyond belief.)

It’s a good thing that the American Left is keeping doing their best to protest us from the real threats in the world.

Now that this is a case that is no longer pending perhaps we can ask whoever the president nominates to the high court how they would have voted on it. It will be fun to find out.

Update: Fox reports it was of course 5-4. That question looks even more relevant doesn’t it?