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Settled Law” is settled only until the Supreme Court decides it isn’t.

Never forget Plessy v Ferguson stood for 58 years before the Brown Decision came along. You don’t get much more settled than 54 years do you?

…about the bees disappearing last week:

The decline in the US bee population, first observed in 2006, is continuing, a phenomenon that still baffles researchers and beekeepers.

Data from the US Department of Agriculture show a 29 percent drop in beehives in 2009, following a 36 percent decline in 2008 and a 32 percent fall in 2007.

Scientists are stumped:

Researchers have looked at viruses, parasites, insecticides, malnutrition and other environmental factors but have been unable to pinpoint a specific cause for the population decline.

Of course some of us aren’t, we know the Bees come from Melissa Majoria, there is even a blog about the gardens there.. but I couldn’t talk about that last week.

What a difference a week makes

It’s moments like this:

Yes my inner geek is really shining today, it’s been highly repressed for a bit.

Update: Is there a line better than “Basically, RUN!”?

Update 2: Yes I had to use a 2nd video the first one was pulled.

Q: How do you know that it’s true that the “Insult the neighbors meme” has failed?

Via Glenn, watching the new media argument is going to be fun, they certainly aren’t going to change the one they have.