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Andrew Breitbart has been around longer than the tea parties but I think nobody symbolizes the style of the movement more than him:

About the only thing that makes the left more crazy than Breitbart is the would tea party movement

A Spectacular idea

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The Anchoress informs me of an incredible suggestion:

So here is my question for you. What if our bishops chose to do public penance? What if they lay prostrate or knelt in front of their cathedrals as penitents before each Mass on the weekend closest to the feast of St.Peter and Paul or on the feast of the Sacred Heart of Jesus or some other appropriate day or days? Or, even better, on the first Friday of every month for the next year starting with the feast of the Sacred Heart or Sts.Peter and Paul? And what if we, as their deacons, as an order in the Church, in all humility, not only called on our bishops to do public penance, but offered to join them in it?

To those who do not understand Catholicism this might not seem like much but within the Church it would be earth shattering, and the suggestion of inclusion of the laity is even better:

As a lay person, I would participate in this prostration, with my pope, my bishops and priests and all the rest. I would participate as a means of communicating to the victims that I have heard them and that I am united to them, angry for them and ashamed on their behalf, and also to express to the whole world that I too am a sinner, in need of mercy. I would prostrate myself as to express unity with the clergy and religious, that they are no more outside of redemption than the rest of us, that they are valued and their healing is as necessary to the Body of Christ as is the healing of the victims.

My participation would also demonstrate my intention to remain within this injured body, contributing to both its weakness and its strengths, because I know my redeemer lives, and that we all shall rise again.

Count me in.

…then the tea party movement can be proud that Bertha Lewis referred to the movement as a “bowel movement

…while proudly declaring herself a socialist. You can at least give her credit for the courage of her convictions, if not her good sense.

If you are a person who attended a tea party be proud. If the head of Acorn feels you are dangerous enough to insult in that way then you are effective and if the head of an organization as corrupt as Acorn hates you then you are on the side of angels.

Lets play a game, who wants to call their local congressman and get a comment on that statement by the head of Acorn? You can leave what they answer as a comment on the blog. Let’s see who has the courage of their convictions.

Update: No wonder Bertha has her dander up, As Michelle Malkin Tweets and Human Events reports they were cut from the government teet again today. How can a socialist survive without other people’s money? At least when I need cash from strangers I ask for it.

…that this administration is exactly what they accused the Bush Administration of being?

The groups were protesting don’t ask don’t tell (I’ve given my opinion on it here) but if they haven’t figured out that President Obama used them for suckers then they haven’t figured out anything.

The idea that an administration would close a public park to the public and the press to keep video off the air of a protest is disgraceful and disgusting. As a citizen I am shocked.

More importantly I’m not seeing this reported on Morning Joe today. If the media is not willing to report on this and call it the travesty it is then you’d better send me that $800 a week plus travel because you will need someone who will.

Forgetting the fact that the democratic majority could have repealed Don’t ask don’t tell from 2006 on. How do people justify supporting someone who does this? Do they have so much invested in him that they don’t care call him on it? Or is it like a cult when you have to actually have a personal shock so great that you can be pulled from it?

Via Sissy Willis who was a great addition to my follower list on twitter.

Exit question: If this president is willing to do this publicly what is he doing privately to suppress dissent?

Update: Just a reminder: “Let Him Speak”

Quite a contrast.

Update: Another Instalanche, Glenn is spoiling me, thanks for stopping by. The anchoress was kind enough to point me to a couple of other videos showing how President Bush handled heckling. And one of Bill Clinton too, yet she didn’t link to herself. She deserves a visit just for that. As a matter of fact instead of promoting my blog on this one Let me point you to a few places that you should try. The Lonely conservative, Little Miss Attila, The Camp of the Saints (Particularly if you like cheesecake), The Reaganite Republican, Cynthia Yockey, No Sheeples here (particularly if you like photoshops), Adrienne’s Corner, The American Glob, Barbara Espiinosa, Peg who did a noble deed for my sake, and of course my friend Robert Stacy McCain.