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Which means that I am free for the Have Fedora will travel stuff exactly on time.

So if you were waiting for that to be done for the Have Fedora Will Travel stuff wait no further!

…then you know your history, or have seen Maafa 21:

The willingness to black America to support a party’s whose primary sacrament is abortion never ceases to amaze me.

It is no coincidence that planned parenthood’s wants to get in here as the demographic changes take place. You can’t imagine how discouraging it has been to hear people argue to my face that it’s good for Planned Parenthood to come to Fitchburg to get rid of minorities on the dole. To have that said to me in the 21st century in Massachusetts is one of the most discouraging things I’ve ever experienced.

Much more here.

If you think that things have quieted down because PP has gotten permits form the Zoning board around here think again.

It is worth noting that a Protestant Bishop Howard Shadd joined us today showing that this is not simply a Catholic affair. And the Pastors letter to the editor confirms it. The letter is available here. The Signatories were: (more…)

22 Years ago today…

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April 9th 1988