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Murry was selling Tea Party shirts in Boston on 4/14/2010

An unfortunate side effect of my unexpected Washington trip was not being able to get back to Murray. If you are reading this Murray leave a comment and let us know how you did.

Sarah Palin was Dennis’ favorite attraction

This was his first Tea Party , it will not likely be his last.

Back at the hotel after spending the Evening at the Washington Monument rally.

There were a lot of impressive speakers, I managed to score interviews with Breitbart, and even Tucker Carlson (who proved to be a very good sport about the whole $800 a week thing.) Those videos will up over the weekend along with many others as time permits

The feeling of the overflowing crowd was one of unity of purpose, there were a few counter protesters who were quite comically represented their 3 dozen or so as the “other 95%”. Proof positive of the ineffectiveness of their public schools.

Considering how many of these events were repeated all over the country it is going to be very hard to ignore or dismiss.

Any political group that doesn’t take the tea party protests seriously does so at their own risk

A lady who will remain nameless comments on the Tea Party and Sarah Palin: