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We caught up with Debra at the Tea Party Express rally in Washington:

Unfortunately the spiel for the wife didn’t work.

I first met Debbie Lee at CPAC and was very surprised and pleased to see her again at the Boston Tea Party:

My CPAC interview with her is here.

No matter how many times you meet a Gold Star Mother you never stop feeling humbled around one.

via Sissy Willis and Big Government we get the word that even the safest democratic seat might not be safe this time around.

Star Parker’s decision to run guarantees national attention on this so called “safe seat” which could lead to the type of national support that turned the Scott Brown race. Conversations with Parker over the weekend revealed a reluctant politician, someone who believed in public service and had spent most of her life dedicated to building a stronger America. Parker surveyed the political landscape and responded to America’s need for new leaders by deciding to run, like Allen West and Chuck Devore. In her syndicated column, Parker explores her reasons for running:

It should be pointed out that Sissy’s tweet not withstanding this is not actually the seat held by Maxine Waters but by her protege Laura Richardson, but a defeat for her would be a stunning rebuke to Waters. Parker is clearly a superior candidate in this race.

But it’s true I would vote for a Boiled Cabbage (and I don’t even like boiled cabbage) over Richardson as well.

We talked to Dorothy at the Boston Tea party on the 14th.

I can see why Bill Clinton is so afraid.