Radical Islam threatening murder is “News you Can’t Use”?

Posted: April 22, 2010 by datechguy in internet/free speech, media, opinion/news
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Morning Joe gets full marks for reporting on the South Park business, pointing out the threats, the difference between the way Mohammad was treated vs Christ, the foolishness of pretending that what was said wasn’t a threat, and the extra censorship on the rebroadcast. All very important, glad to see it happen.

However it was put under Wille Geist’s “News you Can’t use” section.

News you can’t use? Let me get this straight, Bill Clinton tries to link the Tea Parties to Tim McVeigh, that is fine. Radical Islam who you might have heard has a bit of history, “warning” south park is News you can’t use?

I suppose I should take what I can get from MSNBC, ya gotta walk before you run.

Update: Glenn has the line of the week: “Those who have no backbone will do the bidding of those who do.”

  1. I don’t remember any uproar when they showed a cartoon of Muhammed in early 2001 during the season 5 episode ‘Super Best Friends’. I’m pretty sure that Muhammed played an integral part in defeating the Giant Stone Abraham Lincoln.

    I’m surprised that no one cares that over the last two episodes Buddha has been snorting cocaine and Jesus uses his laptop to watch online porn. Both of which are super funny.