I offer a little bet for Ezra Klein…

Posted: August 10, 2010 by datechguy in elections, fun
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Ezra looks at the trend lines on President Obama and thinks liberals are worrying needlessly:

But so far as the polls go, Obama is doing okay among the left. In fact, as the graph below shows (click on it for a larger version), his approval trends among Democrats, independents and the country mirror Ronald Reagan’s ratings among Republicans, independents and the country almost exactly.

Tell you what Ezra lets make a bet. I’m a little hard up but I’m confident enough to make this wager:

You say Obama’s poll lines mirror Reagan’s? Fine. I’ll pay you $500 for every state Regain lost (including DC) in 1984 that Obama wins in 2012. You pay me $500 for every state that Obama loses in 2012 that Reagan won in 1984.

Or if those odds are too long for your trend lines, How about I pay you $10 per electoral vote that Obama gets in 2012 over Reagan’s total in 1984 and you pay me $5 for every electoral vote under Reagan’s 1984 total Obama wins in 2012. I’m broke and unemployed but I don’t mind giving you odds.

How about it Ezra, wanna put your money where your graph is?

Update: If any of you other liberals want to put your money where your confidence is come pony up