Answer: It turns every day into Rule 5 Sunday

Posted: April 8, 2010 by datechguy in elections, oddities, opinion/news
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A: What is the real net effect of Stormy Daniels running for Senate as a republican in La?

Camp of the Saints and The Classic Liberal decide the matter requires deep photographic investigation.

Nice pictures, but I’m still not convinced she’s worth $1900.

Oh and make sure you check out the comments at Bob’s site they provide some great one liners.

  1. bobbelvedere says:

    But Miss Daniels does have a point, DTG: in those kind of clubs, men usually spend two to three times that amount in one evening. So those Repubs were being frugal [or cheap, depending on your perspective].

    I agree with what you wrote in your other posting. Mrs. Belvedere and I have had some of our best times going some place and hardly spending any money at all – its often the moment and the mood. A little note here, a thoughtful gesture there, is all we need. I suspect you and Mrs. DTG are the same way.

  2. bobbelvedere says:

    Oh…forgot: thanks for the thoughful linky love.