Dinner with DaTechGuy Yet another offer/plan

Posted: April 27, 2010 by datechguy in blogger for hire, employment, fun
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Do you like a good dinner and a little smoozing well here is the deal. For $250 plus transport I will show up in your town and I’ll join your group at the local restaurant/bar/Grille/house of your choice, hang out and talk, politics, baseball, Dr. Who, gaming, blogs, religion or whatever.

I’ll also record you for my short interviews section if you desire and include it on the blog and get a shot of each of you joining the Axis of Fedora.

If you are close enough for a road trip I can do .25 a mile round trip instead of an airplane or a train.

Anyways if you have a group of say 5-10 friends who want an excuse to have a burger at a grille and talk some politics and a little blogger gossip drop me a comment and we’ll work out the details, maybe we can grab a local blogger to join in too, or maybe you are a blogger looking to get a few extra hits.

If this works out perhaps this can be part of a larger blogger cross country road trip. Then perhaps I can invite some friends.

Why this? As the wolf gets closer I’ve been trying to think of various ways to earn a few bucks. I’m still raising funds for the Georgia trip, looking for takers for the Have Fedora will travel bit, every hit on the examiner columns brings me closer to a buck or two and there is always DaTipJar.

Thus the latest card out into the mix: Dinner with DaTechGuy!

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  1. smitty says:

    If you’re politically on the Left or an atheist, I strongly recommend against dinner with DTG.
    An interlude of such warm, genuine humanity, positive love of life, the ability to listen and ask the occasional probing question, and overall geeky trivia knowledge is going to steamroller your worldview completely.
    You are warned. ;)

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